A user manual for life

For generations, we as parents, grandparents, mentors & leaders have learned lessons about life. Each individual has learnt some extremely important lessons during his lifetime, that help him/her survive better, get more pleasure out of his existence & prevent some real pain. A lot of these learnings are lost with the individual, as he fails… Continue reading A user manual for life

Mode switching : Best of both worlds

(Creative / Perfectionist)  Great way to accomplish anything is either be too precise and mechanistic or be too fuzzy and artistic. People who do meaningful work, create value and change things drastically forever, are either artists or perfectionists. Both are extremely contrasting approaches of getting something done.  An artist by default runs on his intuition… Continue reading Mode switching : Best of both worlds

You are a hero, if you are not a hero

Youth & illusion of own capabilities, induce heroic behaviour. Trying to be aggressive into petty matters, putting your nose into everyone’s business, not tolerating individual instances of injustice to anyone. Hero: Someone who stupidly or selflessly intervenes into the matters of others to help them grow or come out of pain “ A real hero… Continue reading You are a hero, if you are not a hero